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MSRAL 2006 Convention

SLAS Regular Meeting
Friday, December 16, 2016 7:30pm
McDonnell Hall, Washington University

Dr. Strange and the Struggle
With Dark Energy
Dr. Michael Ogilvie
Washington University

 SLAS Meeting Description and Agenda


    You will need to park in the yellow zones, car pool spaces, or at meters while attending the Friday evening meetings. Current University policy allows red zone parking only for University red zone permit holders. We have requested an exception to the policy, but University action on this request is still pending. At this point, the red zone restriction is in force. Violators are subject to receiving University parking tickets, which carry $35 fines.
     The nearest yellow zone spaces are on Forsyth Blvd. and in front of the greenhouses, two buildings west (away from Forest Park) of McDonnell Hall. The greenhouse lot has both red and yellow zone parking, so be sure that you are not in a posted red zone. Meter spaces are free after 6 p.m. Car pool spaces are marked and available after 2 p.m. Should all of these spaces be filled, you will find the nearest yellow zone spaces about a quarter-mile west, by the Business School's Olin Hall, or a quarter-mile east, behind the Steinberg Art Gallery.
    Handicap Parking is exempt from the above rules.

Upcoming Meetings:
January - Peter Plavchan, PhD - The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery - MSU
February - Pamela Gay, PhD - Super-Secret Squirrel Stuff - SIU-E
March - Chr istine Floss, PhD -TBA Wash U
April - Kevin Evans, PhD - Weaubleau Impact Structure - MSU
May - Kara Kundert - Cosmic Epoch of Re-Ionization "Skype" - UC Berkeley
June TBA
July: Ryan Clegg-Watkins, PhD - Exploring the Moon from Orbit: Paving the Way for Future
Astronaut Explorers - Wash U
August: TBA
September SLAS Collective Solar Eclipse Results
October: Car l Bender, PhD Black Holes and Hawking Radiation Wash U
November: William McKinnon, PhD PLUTO Wash U

| Past AND Future SLAS meetings |
The page linked above has links to descriptions of scheduled future meetings and past meetings for SLAS dating back to 2001

| Meeting Location |
McDonnell Hall, Room 162, Washington University
accessible from Forsyth Blvd. between Tolman Way and Chaplain Drive

All SLAS regular meetings are FREE and open to the public.  SLAS meetings are always held at 7:30 pm on the 3rd Friday of the month at Washington University. See the calendar below for links and maps.

The SLAS calendar is part of the Night Sky Network. Check out all the features available at the site. You can check out events, join the Society, request a star party for your school or organization, or if you're a member, check on status of events and find out what events need volunteers and RSVP for those events. If you are traveling, you can find star parties and other events on NSN for any location in the country!

Click here for the SLAS Calendar if your device won't read flash


 Use this link to view the SLAS calendar directly on the Night Sky Network website:


In Memorium

Lois Diane Levin Fitter

Local and long time amateur astronomer Lois Fitter passed away in Florida where she has been living. Her family was with her and brought her back to St. Louis. Her family wanted to let you know they truly appreciate those that attended the funeral.

Lois went to Washington University and was also a former President of SLAS. Lois will be remembered for her enthusiastic astronomy outreach events. In a time when no one really kept track of volunteer hours, Lois was out there showing kids and adults views through one of her homemade telescopes, creating a sense of wonder and excitement wherever she went. She was certainly not afraid of the dark and would take her Subaru to dark sites around the area to work on her own projects and hone her skills. She was very capable astronomer and speaker. Most of all, she was a friend to many and will be greatly missed.

Mark Jones

Library Telescopes

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2017 Solar Eclipse

Quick Observing References

Mark Jones' Astronomical Highlights for 2016 (pdf)

52 Finest Objects for Public Nights(excel)

pdf version of Finest Objects for Public Nights

Need an observing challenge this fall and want to have some fun with it, too?  This list is for you!

SLAS Newsletters

The Event Horizon November, 2016

SLAS Web Resources

The SLAS Web Resource Guide

The SLAS Astronomy Resources Handout

SLAS Astrophotography Resource Guide

The Websurfer's Guide to the Universe!All of the sites from Rich Heuermann's talk from the July meeting!

The Night Sky Network Home Page

Website for the new Loop Planet Walk

What's Up Tonight, Doc? Spreadsheet

Saguaro Astronomical Database http://www.saguaroastro.org/content/downloads.htm

Link to convert Sky Quality Meter readings to magnitude for skies and vice versa.

ASP Education materials to allow students to duplicate the observations of Galileo

N2YO Real Time Satellite Tracking

AL Observing Earth Orbiting Satellites Club Page

Have a question that deals with Astronomy??
Ask the Astronomy Experts from the UK!

Interested in Buying a Telescope?
Here are some resources to assist.

Space Shuttle Headquarters for NASA

Observing tonight?  Check out Allan Rahill's page which has a forecast for seeing conditions and numerical system for recording conditions

SLSC Night Sky Update

Got a question about astronomy? Try Cornell University's "Ask an Astronomer" web site

A gallery of members' astronomical pictures.

Want to help reduce sky glow in our area? Here's how to do it with Ameren UE's assistance.

NSN Observing Cards PDF Red version

Mark Jones Power Point from Homemade Fest

Mark Jones Lunar Club 100 Power Point

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